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March 9, 2009

Since the weather was pretty awesome perfect this weekend, I might as well share some links with things to do in the great outdoors. Like boating.

This weekend I attended “The Greater Philadelphia Boat Show”. As it turns out, boats are expensive, and I really do not need or want a boat. But I had to attend this boat show in order to see this:

YouTube – Water-Skiing Squirrel. Unfortunately Twiggy the squirrel likes to ride in the speedboat with the other stuffed squirrels more than she likes to water ski, so you only get about 30 seconds of entertainment. She did do cool tricks on the waterskis though.


I also was given the chance to sing the new song from the group: The Lonely Island. The super group featuring Andy Samberg (Dick in a Box guy if you aren’t familiar). The song is called “I’m on a Boat”

Here’s the video if you haven’t seen it yet:

YouTube – I’m On A Boat (ft. T-Pain) – Album Version

Somehow I missed their original hit, which had a brief cameo with Justin Timberlake. You can watch that here if you’d like : YouTube – Jizz In My Pants

Lastly, some idiot thinks he is going to sail on a boat made of plastic from California to Australia.

He’s rich, and using some “high tech” plastic, and is doing it for a good cause, but I still think he is in trouble. Maybe he will accidentally stumble upon the island from Lost though…

Boat made of plastic bottles to make ocean voyage –


I guess next up I’ll have to see when Duma the waterskiing dog is coming to town next: YouTube – Chicago’s Water Skiing Dog! 

The Jack Russel Terrier even drives the motor boat. All my dog can do is run away if we leave the door open.

And his website if you want more info: The Water Skiing Dog – Home.

Apparently monkeys and horses can waterski as well. But that one doesn’t shock me. Monkeys can do everything: YouTube – Waterskiing Monkeys


Those two look like they were forced into doing it though. The squirrel and the dog choose to water ski.