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I know a Husky who loves you

November 19, 2009

7 million hits. No not my website. But there is a youtube video I had not seen until this week that got seven million hits. It is a video of a Husky saying I love you. I knew Scooby Doo wasn’t the only dog that could talk. Talking Husky.

Google. It is no secret how much I love thee. However; I do think the autocomplete for your google search could use some work. How often are we the victim of typing in something perfectly normally, and google assumes that we are looking for something gross like monkey porn (I sware I was just typing monkey poop). Anyhow, there is now a website that has a a good compilation of googles hilarious autocompletes.

Things To Wish On Your Worst Enemy

Hilarious. Find more here: HERE . Also I’ve learned how to use alt-text on the hyperlinks. Scroll over above if you don’t believe me.

Despite grinding my teeth while sleeping, apparently I am not stressed out enough or at all because mosquitos attack me all the fricken time. It seems that mosquitos will not attack people that are emitting chemicals related to stress, because they think these animals/ people may be diseased or ill. Read more about this natural mosquito repellant. I’ll just have to install some booby traps around the house to increase my stress level.  Think the guy from SAW is available to redecorate my room?

Sure I laugh when people fall. Who doesn’t? Well if you like to watch people fall as well, I found yet another blog that is way better than mine: Way Better. Oh, and did I mention all the videos of people falling, are fat people? Yes there is a special place in Hell with my name on it, but please admit that you guys like i too. Of course it is aptly named, so you knew what you were in for.

And don’t think they won’t want revenge……. because they will.


And last but not least (in memory of the phillies and their near miss of their second championship), here is a Phillies fan who can’t even tie his shoes yet: Phillies faithful


Zombie Outbreaks and Penguin Poop

June 3, 2009

I may enjoy my job, but in case of a zombie outbreak, it is clear that i would need a new one. Well apparently here are the choices: Jobs in Zombie Outbreak – Zombie Survival & Defense Wiki. 

The site also has some good advice on how to survive, and what to eat in case of a zombie out break.

This video here reminds me of all the Andy Samberg videos, except it is soley about food, and done by 20-somethings. How lovely: YouTube – InTheBoxPresents’s Channel . I’ve definitely felt the way they do about food, and who hasn’t shared their undying love for bacon?

Or maybe you would prefer a food court musical? :YouTube – Food Court Musical

And in big video game news, Microsoft is going to release an add-on product to their XBOX 360’s called Natal, where you don’t even need a controller to play video games. if that isn’t revolutionary, I don’t know what is!  You can read about it here: Microsoft will make Xbox games without controllers –

 And Sony is trying to imitate the Wii’s success as well: Sony, Nintendo unveil game offerings at E3 –

In even better news: Search Google and Wikipedia at the Same Time With Googlepedia Browser Add-on –

I’ve always dreamed of such technology, and now it has finally arrived. Thank you google and wikipedia!


Lastly, in the most interesting article title I have ever read:

Scientists track penguin poop from space –