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Food, glorious food.

March 30, 2009

Yes, it is time we discuss a topic that every male (myself included) thinks about all day every day. When I don’t have it, I am always thinking about it. That’s right. FOOD. Even while I am eating food, sometime I am thinking about what I will eat next, or ways that I could have made this food that I am eating now way better. (Oooh, next time I should add honey mustard to this.) As a tribute to food, here are some awesome food-related links I have come across. I promise you won’t be disappointed. 

New food invention: Pizza Vending Machine

It sounds awesome, but unfortunately it is debuting in Europe. You can read more about this product here: Pizza-making machine has chefs in a spin

In weird food news : Diners can ‘have a ball’ at testicle festival

I do like to attend new festivals, but that one is certainly not going to make my list of “must-attends”.

And finally, a website with pictures of food concoctions that I would really like to try, despite each item taking a year off of my life : This is why you’re fat.

Maybe I’ll eat one thing a year for each birthday of mine….

Like this meatloaf cake:

Meat Cake Meatloaf with potatoes and ketchup for icing. (submitted by Anne Marie)

Or a nice old-fashioned twinky hot dog:

Twinkie Wiener Sandwich Hot dog with twinkies for buns covered in Cheese Wiz. (submitted by Roxanne Smith)

Some of my other favorites include: the hot dog pie, McGang Bang, the deep fried peanut butter brownie covered in cookie dough, and of course … the garbage plate (which I have heard about for years, and is quite the legend). And I just learned there is a bar in Philly called the ugly American that has an imitation of this delectable dish. 


And of course, every man’s dream : Weird flavored chips from Japan : GMAN: More Japanese Potato Chips

Would I fly to Japan for cheesecake flavored chips ? Probably.