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Not sexist

March 17, 2009

I’m not sexist, but is this product really neccesary?

It is called a GoGirl. A product so that girls may pee standing up. Here is the website if you don’t believe me: GoGirl – Female Urination Device for Travel and Active Women.

Or if you’d just like to read the article about it that I read : “Go Girl” Lets Girls Go Standing Up | NBC Bay Area 

They are pretty inexpensive though if someone wants to buy one of these for April Fools in two weeks….


I, on the other hand, would prefer to save my money to go here :Buddhist temple built out of one million beer bottles – Telegraph

The best is that it’s not just a building made out of beer bottles, but a buddhist temple. I assume it took them a really long time to empty the bottles, and a whole lot of singing (Oh one million bottles of beer in the wall, on million bottles of beer. Take one down pass it around, 999,999,999 bottles of beer in the wall).

Here are more pictures of the temple if you’d like:  Inhabitat » Thai Temple Built From One Million Recycled Bottles


And in related news, a boy who got speared (not the way catholic priests do it) and lived to tell the tale. Think Phineas Gage, only through the torso: Boy, 3, speared through torso with 3-foot iron rod, liver injured | The Daily Telegraph.


And lastly, how to decided which players to draft for your fantasy football team. Can’t believe I somehow missed this until now :Fantasy Football Players Show Off – CollegeHumor Video.

I assume it’s fake, but the first part of the video still astounds me.