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Futurama is back!

August 6, 2009

Good news everyone. Futurama will be back on the air in 2010! :

‘Futurama’ Is Back! Grab a Can of Slurm and Settle In . And they resigned many of the original voice actors. I know this news isn’t weird in any way, but it is valuable information that needs to be passed on.


Ever wonder how many drinks of such and such it would take to kill you? Well now you can have an answer. The website estimates that it would take 17 shots of whiskey in about 3 hours to kill me. Or approximately 24 bottles of Bud light. So what I’m hearing is I should drink a 12 pack of beer, and I’ll only end of half dead. If you’re curious about how much alcohol it would take to kill you, click away: How much booze would it take to kill you? Created by Bar Stools


In other beer related news, apparently NJ sucks at drinking. Here is a map of annual beer consumption by state:

American Beer Consumption Per Capita: By State (Infographic) | Sloshspot Blog.

I am going to blame our inadequacies on the high population density.


In even more alcohol related news: New technology lets mothers hold replicas of their babies while they are still in the womb. It sounds like something out of a science fiction novel.Foetus 12 weeks - rapid prototype model and ultrasound

Foetus models: New scanning technique lets an expectant mother hold her unborn baby – Telegraph.


Man is building a life size house out of Legos. Why did no one think of this sooner? And is it really any less expensive than using the usual materials? 

Lego house attempt for James May’s Toy Stories – News – getsurrey.

Thousands give Top Gear’s James May a helping hand with Lego brick house | Mail Online.

Unfortunately it is not yet finished, so I couldn’t find any pictures of it quite yet.


Lastly, I love it when we discover real life creatures that look like monsters. Apparently 3 million other people on youtube agree with me.

Unknown Lifeform in North Carolina Sewer: A Monstrous YouTube Hit.

They are really darn creepy. Even creepier than eels (If that were somehow possible)

What a creepster.


Everybody to the limit

February 23, 2009

Hey all, this is my big experiment to see if 1. I can actually stay focused on a project for more than a milisecond, 2. share cool stuff that I find/ have found/ will find on the internet in the upcoming day(s), month(s), etc. Feel free to reply, banter, add similar findings of your own, or let me know if you get too sick of seeing all the monkey videos I found on youtube.  Hope you all enjoy!