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Booze Donuts

December 20, 2009

How long will it be before we steal this idea and make some of these booze donuts in America? In Israel they have started selling Sufganiyot (Jelly Donuts sold mostly around Hannukah time) with Vodka infused in them!

Booze Donuts


More stuff to get

November 1, 2009

Paint by numbers was never this much fun when I was a kid:

Although I believe this is one piece of artwork my parents would actually throw away if I made it for them.

Another product that I most definitely need (If I move to a country that actually has hummingbirds of course is this:


It is a helmet with a built in bird feeder that will let you come face to face with hummingbirds (In case that wasn’t already blatantly obvious based on the picture above). If you’d like to read more about it : Helmet Feeder

Unfortunately they only make really weird products like this in Asia:

Boobs Mouse Pad

I guess I would also settle for a butt mouse pad……. and I just found one:


It’s too bad that anime girls give me the willies.

Banana Injector

August 31, 2009

I know you are looking at this picture and thinking “why the heck would I want that?”. The answer is that this little device is a banana injector. It Cores the inside of bananas, and then fills that core with ice cream. Or if ice cream isn’t your thing, i guess it could also technically fill it with Chocolate Syrup, Peanut Butter, or maybe even marshmallow fluff. To read more about it:

Banana Injector

It has been patented, yet no one has bought the patent yet. There should be one of these babies in every kitchen.

Video Game Fossils

August 11, 2009

More stuff I “need”:

Dexteludicrum repuerasco (grey)

That’s right, it is a fossilized Gameboy. I guess I would also settle for a fossilized SNES or Playstation. Luckily those are also available if I desire them enough:

Christopher Locke’s Heartless Machine – Modern Fossils.

For a mere 25 – 200$ these artifacts can be yours. Now if only I can find a website to sell me a full size Velociraptor fossil….

I needs it

July 20, 2009

Hey All,

I decided to add a new set of postings called “Things I need”. Often I find things on the internet that either I “need”, or that one of you “need”, so this will give me a chance to share those things without making a long post of all the interesting articles, pictures or weirdo games that are available on the internets.

First needed Item: No-wash underwear. For only 10 bucks they are practically irresistible. Don’t you get annoyed at how often you have to wash underwear. Unlike shoes, you have to wash them every time you use them. Man is that a hassle. Well, not anymore. 

You can buy them at:  NO-WASH™ UNDERWEAR Home Page.