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Snowmen war

January 25, 2010

I have never had a video remind me so much of my college days as this one : Snowmen wars . I knew those plow people were heartless monsters. They were clearly declaring WAR.

DSCF3089Large.jpg image by gtruk

I have many reasons for forgoing my French learnings in High School, and switching to German. I think this video from a French classroom pretty much sums up all of those reasons for me though: Teacher’s present.

Here’s a comic with Pterodactyl and Grizzly Bear Love. What’s not to like?

Here’s a sneak peak of the above:

Last, but not least. In case your girlfriend has been unkind to you in the months leading up to Valentine’s Day, here is the ultimate gift to exact revenge on her: Dissolving Bikini . I guess this company took the same approach as all American Car companies, and just sped up the rate of attrition.


Happy Holidays

December 26, 2009

I guess it is that time of the year, so I will also spread some holiday cheer. So here it is:

Ringing of the Bells (Muppet Style)

Also Tyler Hansbrough looks like Beeker:

In case you haven’t seen any videos where an engineer synchronizes his X-mas lights to local radio stations or other music, here is a good one.

Or if you’d prefer to see one with 6.5 million views on youtube, had a Miller Lite commercial, and was the first one I had ever seen: Dance Dance.

Lastly, here is the greatest christmas decoration I have ever seen ( a picture of that is). But unfortunately they had to take it down. In case you’d like to read why they had to take it down.

I know a Husky who loves you

November 19, 2009

7 million hits. No not my website. But there is a youtube video I had not seen until this week that got seven million hits. It is a video of a Husky saying I love you. I knew Scooby Doo wasn’t the only dog that could talk. Talking Husky.

Google. It is no secret how much I love thee. However; I do think the autocomplete for your google search could use some work. How often are we the victim of typing in something perfectly normally, and google assumes that we are looking for something gross like monkey porn (I sware I was just typing monkey poop). Anyhow, there is now a website that has a a good compilation of googles hilarious autocompletes.

Things To Wish On Your Worst Enemy

Hilarious. Find more here: HERE . Also I’ve learned how to use alt-text on the hyperlinks. Scroll over above if you don’t believe me.

Despite grinding my teeth while sleeping, apparently I am not stressed out enough or at all because mosquitos attack me all the fricken time. It seems that mosquitos will not attack people that are emitting chemicals related to stress, because they think these animals/ people may be diseased or ill. Read more about this natural mosquito repellant. I’ll just have to install some booby traps around the house to increase my stress level.  Think the guy from SAW is available to redecorate my room?

Sure I laugh when people fall. Who doesn’t? Well if you like to watch people fall as well, I found yet another blog that is way better than mine: Way Better. Oh, and did I mention all the videos of people falling, are fat people? Yes there is a special place in Hell with my name on it, but please admit that you guys like i too. Of course it is aptly named, so you knew what you were in for.

And don’t think they won’t want revenge……. because they will.


And last but not least (in memory of the phillies and their near miss of their second championship), here is a Phillies fan who can’t even tie his shoes yet: Phillies faithful

Toxicity on a Violin? Bacon that lasts 10 years

October 14, 2009

I didn’t believe for a second that this could be done, but it sounds really fricken awesome.  Here is a video of girls covering toxicity by System of a Down with two (electric) violins and a drum set. Sure  you are assuming it is going to suck too, but it’s really awesome. Give it a listen to here: Toxicity with violins.

If you’re looking for something a little bit more extreme than violin play, how about pimping your eyeballs? Soccer fans, check this out:

Eye Candy

Or if you want to see a video of how they can put little pieces of jewelry in your eye balls, check this out: Jeweleye .  If you can make it through the whole video, than you are a lot tougher than I am.

But here is the end result:

On a less scary note, here’s something to ponder: What if people ate bacon the way they drink alcohol?

This: Bacon Binge

Sure it might end up ok if you’re eating deep friend bacon, but what if you were eating this Bacon: Bacon Good for 10 years!

And last but not least, here is the goat that yells like a man: Goatman

Boobs and Bears

August 27, 2009

In case you missed it this weekend, last Sunday was  National Go Topless Day (Don’t you put these things in your calendar?) Their argument is a pretty good one:


I agree that the mega dude on the left should have to wear a shirt, and that the lady on the left should have the choice of top or not. Unfortunately that is not how public decency works. Although I did learn from this day that  if you are topless in form of protest, that you cannot be arrested.  It must be “lewd” nudity to get you arrested.

If you want to read more about this noble cause, click as follows: Go Topless

In other “bare” news: Bears. See them doing awesome things on ice at the circus: Circus Bear

Or see them play hockey against each other: Hockey Bears

I just want to teach bears to snuggle and not eat me. These guys really went above and beyond in their bear training.

Speaking of Bears, here is an interview with one of my new heroes: Jeopardy guy

The College Humor guys interviewed him for doing this on Jeopardy:

How heroic. They didn’t even catch it! I tried writing my name like a schlong, but failed miserably.

Lastly, in case you’ve been sleeping too soundly the past week, here is something else to give you the heebie jeebies.  Robots have the ability to form human-like societies under laboratory settings. I knew iRobot was Non-fiction. Robo societies.

Farewell Taco Bell Dog

July 27, 2009

In the saddest news of the summer, Gidget, aka the Taco Bell Dog,  has bit the dust :

You can see the 2-minute video about it on cnn here:

Taco Bell Dog Video – Breaking News Videos from I know just how to mourn this tragedy. (I am going to go eat some Taco Bell just in case I wasn’t being clear enough.)

In deaths I am sick of hearing about: Michael Jackson. Because Micheal jackson will always be with us… he is not biodegradable. If I am going to have to hear about it nonstop, let us at least make light of the situation with some good old Michael Jackson jokes :

Dead Michael Jackson Jokes | – Explosive Celebrity Gossip!.


Ok, so I feel a little bad for posting that. In order too balance out the malicious with the nice, here is a cool tribute to MJ:

Eternal moonwalk – A tribute to Michael Jackson. If anyone wants to add a video tribute with me, I’d be more than happy to oblige.


In other anticlimactic news, there has finally been a video release of LeBron James “getting dunked on” I use those quotations because the video shows that he was barely even defending the guy, and the whole charade surrounding this video is just absurd :

Witnesses at last: Video of LeBron James getting dunked on – Ball Don’t Lie… – NBA – Yahoo! Sports.

In other absurd news, here is a ridiculous news story about a bear in Cleveland. I forgot how stupid everyone in Ohio is, including reporters :

Ridiculous News Report About Bears In Cleveland – DoubleViking Video .

The reporter’s reenactment is just priceless.


Lastly, I will share some awesome photography with you all (not be me of course). The first is a picture by Michael Hudgen who includes souvenirs into pictures of famous things. For example: 







You can see the rest of Michael Hudgen’s pictures here :

cityrag: Souvenirs of Souvenirs

 Or if that is too cheesy for your taste, maybe you’d prefer super slow motion pictures of  a bubble bursting? That’s what I thought :

Super-slow-motion pictures show soap bubble bursting in stunning detail | Mail Online.

Terrible Tats and Asia is fricken weird

July 16, 2009

Recently one of my associates at work made the big mistake of getting a permanent tattoo on her body. To honor that mistake, I found a site that has other people who made a mistake by getting these terrible animal tattoos on their bodies. Although I have to say that I do l0ve this tattoo that has the Taz riding on a unicorn : Hey Look, Animals!: 22 Worst Animal Tattoos Ever

In other news, here are six islands I won’t be visiting anytime soon: 6 Real Islands Way More Terrifying Than The One On ‘Lost’ |

Not that i am much of a beach person anyway.

Weird event happens in Asia, somehow I am not the least bit surprised: Sky ‘rains tadpoles’ over Japan – Telegraph

At least it wasn’t Godzilla. And in other weird Asian news, Cat Cafes have become all of the rage:

Tokyo Cat Cafes | Calico. Actually this seems like a brilliant idea. People are lonely and want a pet, but don’t want to responsibility to have a pet of their own. So they pay to touch your pets. Very smart thinking Tokyo.

I have plenty channels on my television, and yet I can’t help but wish that I could get this Turkish television program broadcast on my TV (in English of course, I don’t speak Turkish to my knowledge) :

Game show looks to convert atheists – Yahoo! News.

And lastly some interesting mailboxes to look at: 


Interesting Mailboxes | Humor & Fun Blog.

Zombies in boring books and Glow in the dark Beagles

July 2, 2009

Someone finally wrote a version of Pride and Prejudice I would actually read. It’s called Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.

You can buy it on Amazon and everything: Pride and Prejudice and Zombies: The Classic Regency Romance – Now with Ultraviolent Zombie Mayhem!: Jane Austen, Seth Grahame-Smith: Books.

They should do this with almost all the books I had to read during high school.

I love when former NASA technology plays a role in bra creations. What were the odds?

You can read about it here: Wahey and up she rises | The Sun |Woman|Health|Health

and here:Well hello boys! It’s the smart bra that just grows on you | Mail Online.

Also this week, I happened to see a tv show on spike (big shocker) called Man Vs. Beast. On it Kobayashi entered a hot dog eating contest against a Kodiac bear, Shawn Crawford raced a giraffe and a zebra, An Elephant and 44 midgets competed in pulling a plane, An Orangutan and a sumi wrestler in tug of war,  and a US seal raced a chimp through an obstacle course.

Instead of telling you what happened, I found the videos online of such shenanigans:

YouTube – Man Vs. Beast Takeru “Tsunami” Kobayashi Vs. Oso Kodiak.

YouTube – Sumo Vs Orangutan.

YouTube – Elephant vs. Little People.

YouTube – Man vs Beast Shawn Crawford racing.

YouTube – Chimp vs. Navy Seal.

And from the 2nd man vs. beast: 

YouTube – Man vs Beast 2 – Gymnast vs Orangutan


And if all that animal news excites you, wait till you hear this. The Koreans have cloned a beagle, except just for fun, it also glows in the dark! Ok, so they did it for the good of the scientific community, yada yada. I just think they needed a flashlight…

Ruppy, the Glowing Red Beagle Clone | Mother Jones.

In very non-related news, some good advertisements in case any of you out there would like to go into marketing:

24 Clever Advertisements |

And last, but never least is a video game about your first time. First time doing what you might ask, well just read on…

Tough task: Designing a game about your ‘first time’ –

Hot prison pals and fish inside a willy wacker.

June 16, 2009

This reminds me of every forward I have ever gotten from my aunt or mother:

In case of emergency, break out the bacon assault rifle: 



I knew Chewbacca was a giving wookie.


And the swine flue jokes just keep on pouring in: 

swine flu affects us all by lvs2ridehorses.

I hope they make this product in adult sizes:


Okay, enough with the pictures. Here is what you are really after, bizarre internet links.

At first I thought this was fake, but after reading through the website, these prisoners are super real: — Meet the pen pal of your dreams here. You’ll be glad you did!.

Hopefully they won’t hunt me down and kill me for mocking their website. 

Also, I knew there was a reason that I didn’t like fish:

Fish found in boys willy whacker | The Courier-Mail. The boy was just minding his own business, and then bamn! The fish swims right up no man’s land. 

Missing shoes? Maybe this fox has your shoes: Fox steals more than 100 shoes – Yahoo! News

And in not a surprise at all news, bears are starting to take over the world: The Three Bears? Try 163,000 … and counting – Yahoo! News

I am surprised I haven’t heard more about this on the Colbert Report…

And lastly, horrifying news. Seriously. Only read at your own risk: Blind Bakersfield boy: ‘Daddy ate my eyes’

Zombie Outbreaks and Penguin Poop

June 3, 2009

I may enjoy my job, but in case of a zombie outbreak, it is clear that i would need a new one. Well apparently here are the choices: Jobs in Zombie Outbreak – Zombie Survival & Defense Wiki. 

The site also has some good advice on how to survive, and what to eat in case of a zombie out break.

This video here reminds me of all the Andy Samberg videos, except it is soley about food, and done by 20-somethings. How lovely: YouTube – InTheBoxPresents’s Channel . I’ve definitely felt the way they do about food, and who hasn’t shared their undying love for bacon?

Or maybe you would prefer a food court musical? :YouTube – Food Court Musical

And in big video game news, Microsoft is going to release an add-on product to their XBOX 360’s called Natal, where you don’t even need a controller to play video games. if that isn’t revolutionary, I don’t know what is!  You can read about it here: Microsoft will make Xbox games without controllers –

 And Sony is trying to imitate the Wii’s success as well: Sony, Nintendo unveil game offerings at E3 –

In even better news: Search Google and Wikipedia at the Same Time With Googlepedia Browser Add-on –

I’ve always dreamed of such technology, and now it has finally arrived. Thank you google and wikipedia!


Lastly, in the most interesting article title I have ever read:

Scientists track penguin poop from space –