Hot prison pals and fish inside a willy wacker.

This reminds me of every forward I have ever gotten from my aunt or mother:

In case of emergency, break out the bacon assault rifle: 



I knew Chewbacca was a giving wookie.


And the swine flue jokes just keep on pouring in: 

swine flu affects us all by lvs2ridehorses.

I hope they make this product in adult sizes:


Okay, enough with the pictures. Here is what you are really after, bizarre internet links.

At first I thought this was fake, but after reading through the website, these prisoners are super real: — Meet the pen pal of your dreams here. You’ll be glad you did!.

Hopefully they won’t hunt me down and kill me for mocking their website. 

Also, I knew there was a reason that I didn’t like fish:

Fish found in boys willy whacker | The Courier-Mail. The boy was just minding his own business, and then bamn! The fish swims right up no man’s land. 

Missing shoes? Maybe this fox has your shoes: Fox steals more than 100 shoes – Yahoo! News

And in not a surprise at all news, bears are starting to take over the world: The Three Bears? Try 163,000 … and counting – Yahoo! News

I am surprised I haven’t heard more about this on the Colbert Report…

And lastly, horrifying news. Seriously. Only read at your own risk: Blind Bakersfield boy: ‘Daddy ate my eyes’


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