Zombie Fire Ants and other monsters

Although I don’t recommend going there no matter what the distance may be.

Speaking of monsters, another “monster” washed up along Long Island again :

Montauk Monster sighting refuels Plum Island rumors — Newsday.com. I’m sure it’s just a goat that lost a lot of fur from being in the water too long. Plus, they already look a little bit monster-like already.  


An even cooler thing I’ve just heard about for the first time: Zombie Fire Ants. That’s right, fire ants wondering around with no brains (Unlike the last story, there is no way this one is a hoax).

Zombie fire ants wander in Texas — until heads fall off | McClatchy. Hooray parasites eating away at brains.

I have been to several a KFC, and I have definitely thought at least half of these observations that this cracked.com writer has captured:27 Observations About The Goddamn KFC Line I’m In | Cracked.com

Lastly. Jews wrote all the good christmas songs? I had no idea…. until now

mental_floss Blog » 5 Famous Christmas Songs Written by Jewish Songwriters. Go figure.


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