How not to get the swine flu

This is totally how we got the swine flu:


Well maybe to defend myself from this swine flu, I just need to turn myself into a superhero. They never get sick. I may not be able to become Wolverine, but here are 5 reasonable superpowers that I can obtain in the not so distant future:Atom | Post | Building a Superman: 5 Super Powers You Can Have Today .

I promise to use my superpowers for good, and not evil (most of the time). I would have handily defeated these dastardly villains months ago:

Austrian Times – Home > Around the World > Cannibals feast on brother for six months.


Maybe in my attempt to become a superhero, I will change my religion to Jedi. Apparently in Scotland people already do that:

BBC NEWS | Scotland | Glasgow, Lanarkshire and West | Force is strong for Jedi police.



If my quest to be a superhero fails, then my backup goal is to play golf on this golf hole:

Quite simply the most amazing golf hole on the planet – Devil Ball Golf – Golf – Yahoo! Sports.

I don’t even like golf! But I would certainly like to play this hole.


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