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King Lebron and bad drivers

May 25, 2009

It’s NBA Playoffs time.  That means that we get to see Highlight reel 3 pointers like Lebron James’ final second 3 in game 2 against the Magic friday night.


YouTube – Lebron’s Last Second Three Against Magic 5.22.09. *Just in case you somehow missed it.

 So in tribute to the King of Basketball, here is the shot named after him (No not the swish, or  the Slam Dunk) :

The LeBomb James Cocktail Recipe

And in case that is not enough Lebron for you so far, here is a video highlight reel of his top 10 highlights in 2009 : Blinkx Video: Top 10 LeBron James Plays of the 2009 Season.

In other related news, scientists have found a new fossil that connect us to Lemurs. I always knew we were part lemur: “MISSING LINK” FOUND: New Fossil Links Humans, Lemurs?

In more important news, NJ finally got out of our rut for worst driving state in America. Take that NY! :

Where the Worst Drivers Live- Yahoo! Autos Article Page.

And in the final exciting news of the day, cool attributes we can obtain: 8 awesome things you can implant into your body | DVICE .

Apparently I can’t get Wolverine’s claws quiteeeee yet, but once they become available, I am all over it.

The cutest thing I have ever seen:

Whack-A-Kitty Video. Evvvver.


Zombie Fire Ants and other monsters

May 18, 2009

Although I don’t recommend going there no matter what the distance may be.

Speaking of monsters, another “monster” washed up along Long Island again :

Montauk Monster sighting refuels Plum Island rumors — I’m sure it’s just a goat that lost a lot of fur from being in the water too long. Plus, they already look a little bit monster-like already.  


An even cooler thing I’ve just heard about for the first time: Zombie Fire Ants. That’s right, fire ants wondering around with no brains (Unlike the last story, there is no way this one is a hoax).

Zombie fire ants wander in Texas — until heads fall off | McClatchy. Hooray parasites eating away at brains.

I have been to several a KFC, and I have definitely thought at least half of these observations that this writer has captured:27 Observations About The Goddamn KFC Line I’m In |

Lastly. Jews wrote all the good christmas songs? I had no idea…. until now

mental_floss Blog » 5 Famous Christmas Songs Written by Jewish Songwriters. Go figure.

Robo Penguins

May 12, 2009

Did you hear that Kermit the Frog caught the swine flu? 

Yeah, he got it from Miss Piggy.

Sometimes it’s just tough to resist. Or if that joke wasn’t for your taste, maybe you’d prefer: 


In other news, the administration at a Lititz, PA high school made a big boo boo:

Pa. high school orders shot glasses as prom favors .  Also for their graduation gift, they all got bongs.


In other hilarious news: Small dogs can blow away, but they eventually find their way back home :Blown-away Chihuahua reunited with owners .

The only thing cooler than real Penguins is robo penguins!

penguinBionic penguins learn how to swim backwards and take flight | Mail Online

I didn’t know that there was such a thing as extreme sheep herding…… until now Sheep Herding Sheep Art – CollegeHumor Video . It is pretty extreme.

They will put webcams almost anywhere:Italian town to have graveyard Web cam –

How not to get the swine flu

May 2, 2009

This is totally how we got the swine flu:


Well maybe to defend myself from this swine flu, I just need to turn myself into a superhero. They never get sick. I may not be able to become Wolverine, but here are 5 reasonable superpowers that I can obtain in the not so distant future:Atom | Post | Building a Superman: 5 Super Powers You Can Have Today .

I promise to use my superpowers for good, and not evil (most of the time). I would have handily defeated these dastardly villains months ago:

Austrian Times – Home > Around the World > Cannibals feast on brother for six months.


Maybe in my attempt to become a superhero, I will change my religion to Jedi. Apparently in Scotland people already do that:

BBC NEWS | Scotland | Glasgow, Lanarkshire and West | Force is strong for Jedi police.



If my quest to be a superhero fails, then my backup goal is to play golf on this golf hole:

Quite simply the most amazing golf hole on the planet – Devil Ball Golf – Golf – Yahoo! Sports.

I don’t even like golf! But I would certainly like to play this hole.