There are plenty of things that still surprise me in this world: Why anyone wanted to be a kick returner in the xfl, how the wiimote works,  and every year how those terrible necco candy hearts continue to stay in business.

Another one of those things is that someone in Australia Left a live shark outside an office.

Or how this man helps sell bananas in Japan:



I’d imagine that bananas that are shot out of a nose, are not the ones I would want to eat. Apparently the Japanese feel that the peel protects them from the other gross stuff in banana man’s nose.

Or even puppets that look a little bit too real: Jurassic Park Museum [VIDEO]

Sure I’d love to go see this museum now, but as a kid I’m pretty sure I would have crapped my pants.

And always a shock, a lady who might actually be part unicorn: Unicorn Lady [PIC].

The paparazzi catching Barbie doing scandalous things: 55 Scandalous Barbie Photos.  And I thought Paris and Britney were bad.

I also never knew that there was a gay alphabet song: YouTube – The Gay Alphabet (HD). I had no idea that I only knew of the straight alphabet from the Dr. Seuss’s ABC Book. But apparently a zizzer-zazzer-zuzz is totally straight. 

Lastly, in news that doesn’t surprise me the least bit: FBI database links long-haul truckers, serial killings – Los Angeles Times.

Like it takes a rocket scientists to know that most truckers are most likely serial killers.


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