Things that scare me

I have never really loved clowns (maybe because of the movie IT, or maybe because the only cool thing they can do is create balloon animals). But the fact is that most times they come across as scary looking, rather than funny looking. And who is the kingpin of all these scary clowns (No, not Insane Clown Posse) Ronald McDonald.  And today I stumbled upon a list of 20 Terrifying Ronald McDonald pictures that I just need to share with all of you: Unreality – The 20 Most Terrifying Pictures of Ronald McDonald Ever 


If that doesn’t creep you out, how about mouthwash that you can drink? Close Call Online Store

Not only can you drink it, they recommend you drink it! And they claim it cures hangovers.

Apparently in Spain they have a baby jumping festival. No, the babies aren’t jumping. Grown men are dressed austerely, and then they try and jump over REAL babies: The Baby-Jumping Colacho Festival | Castrillo de Murcia, Spain | Whatsonwhen . Any one interested in attending this year’s festivities? 


If Only I had known about this when it was still cold outside: FUZZY MOHAIR fetish sweater G-STRING thong FOR HIM – eBay (item 190300743490 end time May-13-09 19:09:48 PDT)

I’ve heard of A and B batteries. But now they are coming out with P batteries? Urine Battery Turns Pee Into Power.

Polar bear attacks woman at Berlin Zoo – It sounds like she deserved it though.

And the scariest of all (because you’re supposed to save the best for last): 20 Japanese Robots Probably Intent on Murdering You | Cracked.comhrp4_p1510755


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