Penguin Ice and other stuff you need

Practical? Probably not. Do you need it? Of course: PENGUIN ICE BOX BUDDIES

You can buy one here: PENGUIN ICE BOX BUDDIES

Also you need an SSI shredder. Watch it shred cool stuff here: SSI Shredding Demonstrations.

I personally liked when it shredded soccer balls, the arcade game asteriods, and the cars. But feel free to find your own favorite shreds.

Or if you prefer destruction on a smaller scale, here is the website for you: Will It Blend? | Presented By Blendtec 

I know they tell you not to try this at home, but I really want to see for myself a blender destroying a set of golf clubs. Awesome. You’ll spend hours on this site, guaranteed.

A burger that I would head back to Michigan for: Mich. baseball park to offer 4,800-calorie burgers

And finally, really big things: Common objects. Uncommonly BIG sizes

If you sign up for their newsletter, they will give you a free giant pen (You do have to pay the 7$) worth of shipping and handling though. It is a really big pen.  It is 1.5ft long, and it does actually work as a pen in case that’s a selling point for you.


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