Lets eat miracle berries!

Why does that picture give me the urge to do that to all the stop signs I see?

I may never know. But what’s even more impressive: Toxel.com » Fruit Juice Packaging by Naoto Fukasawa

They are fruit juice packages that look and feel like the fruit inside of them. What a really great idea.

In other news, one of my favorite websites (thinkgeek.com) that has stuff you just “need” to buy stuff from has two products that I definitely see myself getting in the next couple weeks (if only someone will convince me that these actually work. 

ThinkGeek :: R2 Fish Training School Kit 

and even cooler than that: ThinkGeek :: Miracle Berry Fruit Tablet

These miracle berries make anything sour that you taste sweet. So lemons taste like lemonade, apple wine vinegar taste like apple juice, etc. And if you’re not quite sold, here is an article I found from someone who tried these berries: Miracle Fruit Review (NOTCOT)

Sure it sounds shady, but who doesn’t want to eat one of these berries and then head to a buffet with me?

In not at all surprising news of the week, a woman gets in three accidents in one hour: Motorist survives three accidents in an hour.

And in things that shouldn’t impress me, but somehow do: YouTube – Cannonball in mercury . 

For some reason seeing a cannonball float in any liquid will impress me. Despite years of science classes, and full knowledge of density, I am still amazed.

Lastly, I think I am going to start experimenting with google trends, despite this disturbing news: I really hope  google is wrong on this one… on Twitpic

Google trends is a relatively new part of the all and powerful google super-entity where you can find out how often people searched for certain topics on google. It’s like googling about google. How much better can you get than that?


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