Manatees, CH, Super powers, and Super villains.

Are the Pittsburgh Pirates really that horrible at baseball? : Manatee Community College forces Pirates to walk the plank – MLB – Yahoo! Sports



They lost to a community college called the Manatees last week. I don’t think it gets much worse than that. Could their be a bigger slap in the face? I guess it’s still better than what Kevin from college humor had to do this week.

Man do I love those college humor guys: What Will Kevin Do For Ricky’s Money: Special YES Edition – CollegeHumor Video

Any volunteers for someone to be my guinea pig in a similar experiment? You know you want a:  what will “insert your name here” do for money video series as well….

In other episodes they have him watch Beverly Hills Chihuahua 7 times, and eat an entire vending machine. Just type it into google if you feel the need to see those two.

In other news, apparently I don’t want super powers? 7 Awesome Super Powers (Ruined by Science) |

According to that article, most of the super powers that I have coveted in the past would in reality be all not too helpful. Oh well, I guess it is time to move on and wish for a different super power (like maybe Batman’s super power … extreme wealth). 


In other nerdy news, 7 Badass Cartoon Villains Who Lost to Retarded Heroes | . That’s right. I know you always felt like Dr. Claw should have been able to take on Inspector Gadget. Well here is a list of other instances where the villain seemed far superior, yet always seemed to get foiled in the end.


Lastly, cool Bathroom pictures : Creative Bathroom Creatives at Kontraband UK . I personally like the soccer urinal the best.


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