Video Game Stuff

It’s been awhile since I’ve played some video games, so I’d like to dedicate my post today to the entertainment form that acquired most of the days (and nights) of my teenage life.

So let’s start with funny video game related stuff I’ve seen on the internets:

12 Video Game Characters With Undiagnosed Mental Disorders |

And if that wasnt nerdy enough for you, this one will surely meet your desires: IHC’s Periodic Table of Video Game Characters [I Heart Video Games] | I Heart Chaos

That’s right, it is a periodic table with the elements removed, and video game characters replaced instead. I’ll admit, I could only get like half of them. One of which is here:10 Things from Super Mario Bros. (and their Real Life Counterparts) .

If you ever wanted to play guitar hero on a bike, this is what it would look like: YouTube – Bike Hero.

That must of taken them forever to make. Also, kudos to them for picking a living end song

In other video game news, Harmonix (They Make Rock Band) is considering releasing a Beatles Rock Band like game :  Beatles to star in ‘Rock Band’ | Tech News on ZDNet.

Very cool. It comes out 9/9/09 (Very reminiscent of when Dreamcast came out with their system 9/9/99).

And because it’s tough not to share cool animal videos or news (especially when it’s about monkeys) :

Flossing monkeys ‘proof’ animals teach tool use


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