Sexy time

I feel like sharing today, so I’ll pass on a bunch of sexy time stuff.

They opened up a coffee shop on Maine where all the servers are topless. No wonder Starbucks had to fire thousands of employees. They know that they are about to go out of business. For reals.

Read about it here: Maine Coffee Shop Going Topless

Or watch a video about it here (for those of you who are lazy):  Topless Cafe in Maine

Yet another reason why I don’t approve of appliance sex:

Mich. man pleads no contest in vacuum sex act case | AP | 02/26/2009.

At least it wasn’t with a blender. Yeesh.


Jennifer Aniston is 40 years old? Boy can you not tell in her awesome pictures with GQ. Be sure to click the slideshow of pictures. Yowza!


What the heck was Brad Pitt thinking when he broke up with her? Way to go John Mayer. Way to go.


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2 Responses to “Sexy time”

  1. The DMintz Says:

    Is the topless coffee shop really legal?

    If so, how has no one figured this out yet! Peebs, let’s start up a whole nationwide line of topless businesses under the umbrella of our new company, Topless Enterprises. We’ll have topless fast food, topless hardware stores, topless department stores, etc. You get the picture. This could be huge.

    But I really thought you need some kind of a permit or license from the gov’t to have boob-baring employees.

  2. Paul Says:

    Now that you’ve expressed a million dollar idea to the world, what’s to stop anyone from stealing it. Hey everybody, please do not steal this idea. I hope that works….

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